Post number one, but really number 853.

March 11, 2008 at 7:25 pm (technology) ()

You may or may not know that I have been blogging over at Livejournal since 2003. . . well, a couple of my friends have recently joined up with WordPress, introducing me to a clean and tidy blogging atmosphere!

Don’t get me wrong, Livejournal has it’s perks — like communities and friends pages — but I find it’s layouts too busy and it’s homepage too messy.

What’s more, the Rich Text format at WordPress is far easier to control, and truthfully I really like this font.

Mighty Mouse In technology news, I am the proud owner of a Mighty Mouse! It has come to save my day and any editing I will do on my home computer. It can even right click. I also saw a 1 TB firewire external hard drive for $350 which I may pick up. Part of it is because it was the only firewire HD at Future Shop, but also because if Thunder Bay Show is going to be in HD we will need a lot of room for the footage. One Terabyte of room. Wow.

I found a site on Digg the other day with 10 free classic Mac games for download. the only ones I was interested in was Minesweeper and Solitaire, which reminded me of Windows 1995. They are great though! the Solitaire especially is a very Mac-like layout and gameplay with smooth animation and a nice layout. Check them out at MacApper.

This is fun! I really like how you can control your entries on this site.




  1. planetlandon said,

    MIghty Mouse should be remade into Michael Bay directed feature. Wait.. I mean “shouldn’t”.

  2. greg2point0 said,

    Woot! Welcom to WordPress.

  3. planetlandon said,

    Greg uses words like ‘woot’…

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