Nerds shaped like snowmen.

March 13, 2008 at 12:59 am (life)

I was munching on one of my 200g boxes of Nerds (the tiny, tangy, crunchy candy) last night when I came across one particular little guy who was shaped like a snowman. I had already popped him into my mouth before I realized this, and promptly spit him out again and placed him on his rectangular home to dry. There he sits, the lone survivor of a village once populated by seven ounces of Nerds. He has been knighted as my new computer desk mascot — Sir Snowman-Shaped Nerd. He’s yellow anyways, and I’m sure you know the precautions when tempted to eat yellow snow. Don’t.

That paragraph was a little gross, and I apologize.

Today was a sort of turning point in my life, as I have promised myself to live healthier. Since I have had access to a car I have eaten fast food at least twice a week or more, and because I’ve stopped growing it has to stop. . . it’s beginning to show. If not to everyone else then to me. Not in an annoying “I’m so fat!!” way when the person is actually comparable to a twig, but I actually have stretch marks on my thighs now. I’m more that part of the tree where the trunk branches out into two slightly-smaller-than-the-trunk-but-still-larger-than-twigs branches. My friends think I am thin, but I do my best to wear non-clingy shirts to hide the fact that my belly is actually getting quite large. I’d like to wear nice girlie shirts every once in awhile! Not to put myself down, I’m still very happy, I just need to be a bit more toned and less. . . blergh. Not even just that, but I have been lacking in energy lately which has to be a combination of my diet and the lack of sleep. 8 hours per night at least, that’s another thing I need to work on.

It pains my heart to say it, though likely not as much as not saying it would: starting this morning I’m off of fast food (such as Wendy’s, Taco Time, McDonald’s) and trying to make my own food at home before I go out for the day. I’ve been especially bad lately since I am never home for supper. So, from now on if I am stuck out I will eat at Pita Pit, have Subway or a salad somewhere. Although, Biggest Loser told me today that it’s good to give yourself treat days every week so your body doesn’t get too used to healthy stuff and not digest as quickly, so maybe every once in awhile I’ll have a snack. Not every week, but perhaps every two. I seems like you only crave fast food when you eat it a lot (or when you’re drunk), so if I go off of it I will not crave it near as much. Every day I will allow myself to have a little something, too, but that will probably always be cheese *^_^*

I got really excited about it today, because I bought new shoes so that I no longer feel like a fool for wearing Chuck’s to Self Defense, and I will be able to walk further, hike up Mount McKay, and generally exercise in them. Anywhoo, it’s one step at a time and I’ve never really been on a diet before, so it’ll be an adventure. Luckily my best friends eat healthy, too, so I will have good support. I’m even trying to stay away from Pepsi when I can, which is tough since I love the stuff. I really want to feel comfortable in my bathing suits this year, which I haven’t been able to do for awhile. Not that I wear bikinis, but I’ve tried to avoid bathing suits when I could for the last little while. Besides, having my pants fit nicely and my new coat not show my belly will be a bonus!

Enough about that boring stuff — I love pockets!! After shopping today I have a bag (NOT a purse, thank you very much) in which I can carry everything I need! It has so many little slots, pockets and zipped up-spaces it’s ridiculous. I’ll have to buy more gadgets to fill it with at this rate. So far I have my iPod, my change, my wallet, my DS, a few of it’s games and my cell phone all in separate little slots. The main pocket just has the water bottle I bought today, and my gloves. I could still easily fit 2 or 3 books in there! My whole life will be in this bag, so I had better not leave it somewhere/you who are reading this better not take it from me or will find and inverted-front-kick you. I’m sure pockets are much less boring to read about than diets! </sarcasm>

Off to watch more Dead Like Me then try to get my 8 hours in. Cheers! Sorry for this entry being so me-based, but it’s my blog! Deal with it. (Sorry for being rude.)

Sorry for apologizing all the time.


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