Do you know the Carpet Man?

March 14, 2008 at 4:02 pm (life)

 Mr. John the carpet layer stopped by this morning to finally carpet my room at camp!  I’ve been living with a few old pieces of carpet and rug on the cement of my basement for the past few summers, and finally this time around I will have beautiful (and warm) carpeting.  I’ll have pictures of it as soon as I get back home on Monday!  My mom and I have just finished  moving the furniture back in, which brings it all together nicely.  Now all that’s needed is a proper door, the door trim and base boards and it’ll be complete!  It’s been a long time coming, but I’m thankful.  My parents have been working really hard on this place.

Greg has already bought his Video Games Live tickets, so I guess I should probably get on that as soon as I can!  It’s just an event that can’t be missed, because who knows when it’ll be touring again?

I got paid today, which means I can finally pay off my iPod and all the rest of the things I’ve been irresponsibly charging to my Visa, knowing that I’d have this money coming.  Woot!  I still have quite a few gigs yet to be paid for, so my bank account will be feeling a lot less stressed over the next week or so methinks.  That’s good because I need to save up forVGL in Winnipeg, then Quebec, camping, rent I’ll start to pay to live at home this June and car insurance.  Growing up is so hard 😛

I’m off to pick up my munnies then to the bank after super, so cheers!


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