I was born a traveling [wo]man.

March 21, 2008 at 3:55 pm (the intarwebz)

I found this to be most entertaining an true.

My life used to be exactly like this (though I never walked around the world.) Now it’s mostly replaced by “This’ll make for great photos on Facebook!”.

See more comics at xkcd. I admit I no longer understand the math ones, having not taken math since Grade 10, but it’s nice to pretend.




  1. Ems said,

    This is now my desktop background. Thank you.

  2. drnurserita said,

    I love your story and pix! p.s. this is my firt blog. did it work? also, can you help me? i cannot enter a domain name and i cannot contact for help because i do not know what a url is and cant fill in that blank.

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