The Great Flood.

March 21, 2008 at 12:26 am (life, munnie spending)

I spent the night out on St. Patty’s, and needless to say I wasn’t feeling 100% when I went home the next day. I had planned on having a bit of a nap to be rested up for Self Defense that night, maybe get a bit of exercise in, but that all changed when I reached the top of my stairs.

From upstairs I could see a puddle of water on the floor of the laundry room. It was only around the drain, so I assumed that it had backed up with all of the snow that has been melting outside. I HOPED it was that, and I really wasn’t expecting the reality when I turned the corner.

That door you see leads to a set of stairs that lead to ground level. Every winter we cover that stairway with a large wooden slab to stop the snow from collecting in it. Every winter but this one, when we got more snow than the last few winters combined. My mom knew it was going to happen, she warned me to shovel out the stairway before it started to melt, but I underestimated water accumulation and how — much like and octopus — it can go anywhere due to its lack of skeleton.

As you can see, it only used my room as a path on its way to the drain in the laundry room, but it still left my carpet sopping wet (including an actual puddle by the door itself.) So instead of napping in my soggy room, I went out to tackle the snow-blob. It’s probably not at all surprising if you know me, but I didn’t last long. It was a monstrous layered lump made up of heavy snow, ice, and then more than 5 cm of water happily insulated by the layers above so it could melt more.

Luckily it just seemed to miss my computer set up (including my powerbar), my TV and my bookcase. That night while I was defending myself in class my parents sucked up all the water with the Rug Doctor, which sounds completely awesome, and moved all of my furniture so the carpet underneath could dry. I was able to sleep in my own bed that night, and the next evening I very slowly and heavily moved all of my furniture back.

At least it gave me a chance to clean up the clutter in my room! Also, like my friend Mr. Feduniw said: At least it wasn’t a sewage flood. Thank multiple heavens for then!

In other news, I found Boston Legal and Dexter TV DVDs on sale at Future Shop and promptly bought them both. I have seen most of the Boston Legal, but seeing as I finished Dead Like Me this afternoon (woe.) I can start watching Dexter. I’ve also decided that even when Blu-Ray is inevitably the only format you can buy TV shows on, I will still call them TV DVDs. It’s at least 15x more fun than calling them TV on Blu-Ray. It’s almost too bad that it won’t be TV HD DVD. Or HD TV HD DVD! Damn, we just missed out on some seriously good times with that! Curse you, Blu-Ray!* I will not buy your players until it is necessary to do so!

Anywhoo, I need to get back to writing. Cheers!

*I’m sorry Blu-Ray, I love you.


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