Dynamic Duos.

March 25, 2008 at 3:25 pm (geeking out, munnie spending)

I’ve begun to buy my new summer wardrobe! With my shopping habits I’ll likely live in the same T-Shirts throughout next winter, but at least they will be newer ones *^_^*. With the help of Lindsay (not me) I have found a nice suit, a work-out outfit and three nice thin colourful summer shirts. Shopping used to make me want to entean eternal slumber — but for whatever reason lately I’ve been 110% up for it. Perhaps even spending TOO much money. I think it’s because I KNOW I need new clothes. . . and I’m always in need of games.

I’ve also been shopping on Amazon a bit, buying Season 2 of Boston Legal ($37 with shipping from Amazon, but $80 at Future Shop?), a game to help me speak French on my DS, and Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenl. I bought R&C: Going Commando last week and it is absolutely amazing. It’s just so fun to play. Yep, I’m buying PS2 games, what’s it to you?

I also tried to buy Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga but then Amazon refunded my munnies with the only reason being “Could not send.” Everywhere only sells the cartridge and not the whole box and everything. . . It’s a GBA game so it’s a bit harder to find in stores, but what really gets me is that I saw it in to stores before Christmas, put off buying it and then it was gone! I’ve seen the cartidge-only at EB, so I may stop by later today to see if it’s still there.

The game is basically Mario RPG 2, so if you liked Mario RPG (I know some of you do!) you’d love Superstar Saga and Partners in Time (which I have for the DS).

I’m even bidding on Minish Cap from eBay, but the person I am bidding against really wants it. Currently the bid is at $15 (with the box and manual included) so we’ll see. I need to stop spending my munnies.

Off to my last class of WSD with my new workout suit. Cheers!



  1. greg2point0 said,

    Hey stop bidding on the Minish Cap, I’ll give you my copy!

  2. Linake said,

    Really? Coolio! Although. . . I am winning the bid at $15 right now. I hope the guy I was bidding against puts a bid in at the last moment trying to 1-up me. If I lose, though, I’ll certainly let you know!

  3. greg2point0 said,

    Ya next time you’re over I’ll give it to you.

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