GBA overload.

March 27, 2008 at 12:47 pm (munnie spending)

Well, I caved and bought the copy of Superstar Saga that was at EB Games. It was $20, but after playing it for five hours now I can tell you honestly that it was 100% worth it. Besides, with shipping and handling the other ones on the net would be the same amount, AND I’d have to wait for them. No thank you.

Also, I won Minish Cap! It’s sort of bittersweet because Greg offered me his copy for free after I bid on the eBay version. . . but at least this way I only pay $17 for the game, box and manual and then I don’t have to steal it from Gregory!

I am officially going to stop buying stuff off the Internet as of now. For awhile, at least.



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