When you Rock & Roll with me. . .

March 27, 2008 at 10:47 pm (life, technology)

It looks like it might be a bit awkward to play, but I would still really love to try it out. I present to you: Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS.

The actual game cartridge seems to be attached to the keypad, and the video promoting it is so lame that I won’t even post or link to it. . . but still, I am intrigued. My friends and I were wondering how they’d bring Guitar  Hero to the DS — would the DS system plug into a normal GH sized guitar? Will there be a special stand for it? But no, just this odd little addition to the side of your system. Attached to the keypad is a pick that you can pull out and use as the stylus to strum, as opposed to using a normal stylus which is significantly less Rock & Roll.

In other news, I am very happy to announce that I was officially offered the position of Director for Make It Short 2009. I’d written a script, Lee liked it and voila! I was only up against 3 other scripts. . . but I try to keep that part of the story quite. Except for right now when I published it on my [not-so-]very-regularly-read blog. . . hem. We have a lot of work ahead of us, especially since this film revolves around kids, but I am super excited about it. Also, I may get to actually speak to David Cronenberg on the phone, as he is one of the producers. Pretty neato indeed.

I bought delicious groceries today, so off  I go to grab a few bites. Cheers!

Okay fine, I’ll link to the video: Guitar Hero: On Tour! Please keep in mind that I warned you about the excessive lame-itude!


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