The Force is as strong as a small pony.

April 5, 2008 at 2:41 pm (gaming, geeking out, munnie spending)

This new site layout is sort of strange. It seems like a step backwards from where WordPress was before, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Perhaps it’s just a temporary thing and they’re making larger changes? We’ll have to wait to find out.

So the other day I went to the Secret EB Games for the first time just to waste half an hour (though it’s been open for probably a year or so now), and man that place is HUGE compared to the EB Games in the mall! Through my feminine wiles (see: none) I managed to obtain a free Phantom Hourglass poster. I went in with the intention of not buying anything, or if ANYTHING I was going to buy Professor Layton and the Curious Village. . . but somehow ended up with Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga for DS.

I’m excited for it, because the first game I ever bought for my DS (save from Brain Age 2, which isn’t really a “game” per se) was Lego Star Wars II. I played it regularly for a few days when something went horrible wrong, and every level became glitchy beyond playability. I’ve checked on Gamespot (my new web obsession site) and it’s a problem every cartridge had. Futureshop let me bring the game back after a week, no questions asked, but how could a game even be released with that many glitches? Especially a game like Lego Star Wars which is moderately popular on all systems and by all ages? I’ve noticed the price has dropped a lot, maybe to get them off the shelves, but I feel bad for kids who get that game and don’t reach the glitches until it’s too late to return them. . . there is no way to complete the story mode in that version.

Luckily for myself and everyone else who bought LSWII, LSW:tCS has all of the levels that LSWII had, plus the levels from Lego Star Wars I and the original engine has been scrapped in favour of a new one, which also allows the touchscreen to be used. You can tell this version was made just for the DS. So far it seems mostly side scrolling — there is a fourth wall that you can never see — though it still has depth so you can move on the X, Y and Z axis’, the camera is just relatively fixed and only moves up and down with you. LSWII was a 3D world with no fourth wall, so we’ll see if in the later levels it goes back to that format.

Even though I am enjoying the game thus far, it makes me feel a little bit ripped off in a way, because if it’s all platformy then it’s doing that same thing that The Simpsons Game did. The DS is perfectly capable of handling 3D landscapes (it does it all the time with RPGs) and yet developers seem to think that even if they make the game 3D for other systems, the DS version must be a platformer. On every other system The Simpsons was an awesome 3D adventure! However, on the DS it had absolutely no depth and was therefore very easy, as well as linear both literally and in it’s objectives. Objects were never hiding behind something, or beside you. . . they were always just in front of or behind you. So HOPEFULLY Lego Star Wars is more 3D in the levels to come. . . though I’ll still love it.

Getting away from Lego Star Wars for a bit, but not away from gaming: I challenged myself to finish most of my games before I treated myself to another. So, for the better part of the past few days I have been slaving away (happily) finishing games that would have otherwise sat on my shelf for months to come.

First was Super Mario 64 DS, though I only managed to get 91/150 stars. I beat Bowser and to me that counts as finishing the game. Plus, it’s a really fun game so I know I’ll go back to it and try to get more stars when I’m bored.

Next on my plate was Chocobo Tales. This is a great little game with elements of RPG, mini-games and trading card battles. It’s also in 3D, the graphics are beautiful for the DS, and the controls are simple and intuitive — so Lucas Arts take note. The battles were the most difficult to pick-up again, but I remembered pretty quickly what to do and after 6 hours more of playing it is also complete!

Let’s see, after that I remembered that I was on Bowser in Super Princess Peach, so I went back and had him beat within the half-hour. I left it alone for awhile months ago because he was frustrating me, so I guess all it needed was time.

Finally, I picked up Mario Party DS and FINISHED story mode! Finally!! Bowser took a few frustrating tries to beat, but luckily (because I cheated and turned the game off when something didn’t go my way) I didn’t have to play any of the boards twice. Wario was kicking my butt on the last board, but I showed him! GO YOSHI!

I have beaten Bowser to a pulp 3 times in as many days!

Anywhoo, only after those games were completed, and ONLY THEN was I allowed to start a new one.

This has been long and game filled, so I will stop it there. Nothing much has been happening except for DSing, my Boston Legal Season 2 DVD arriving, location scouting for MIS and me learning French with the help of My French Coach (once again for DS). ALSO I am only TWO more days away from being able to eat a slice of pizza or some tacos. . . I’m pining for them, as well as for the fjords.

Cheers! . . . now where has the bloody Spellcheck tool gone?



  1. greg2point0 said,

    You should be a videogame reviewer, that was better than a lot of videogame reviews I’ve read.

  2. greg2point0 said,

    And yeah what’s with the new unannounced changes to WordPress?

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