The cleanliness of pirates.

April 10, 2008 at 2:19 pm (gaming, life, munnie spending)

Oh boy. . . I may have to do this blog in sections. There is just so much happening in my life! At least I like to think there is, when really it’s all basically video game related. Surprise?


More than a week ago now I had the sudden urge to clean out the cupboards in my kitchen. I was sick and tired of opening them, closing them, opening them again, then closing them only to open them once more to see if there is a morsel of food that I may have missed. Most of the things were expired, or had just been sitting in there for literal years.

On the left here you will see the “garbage” pile, meaning the stuff that I did not place back into the cupboards. Those waffle (ROFFLE!) cones have been in there since I was about 15 or 16. That’s nothing compared to what I found next. . .

These two boxes of delicious salad toppings were found in a wicker basket (no lie) in the very back of our lowermost cupboards. Before you look at the picture below, my dear reader, take a stab at it — just guess what year these are from. Judging by the packaging I figured they may have been from the early to mid 1990’s. . .


Both of these products expired 22 years ago in April and June of 1986. If they expired then, who knows when they were actually purchased? They’re older than my middle brother, and possibly even older than Devin who is 24! ‘Great Beginnings’ indeed.

Among all of the spices and sprinkles of the “spice cupboard” I found some old Apple Pie seasoning from when Thunder Bay had a Loblaw’s*, two ancient boxes of Tabasco, and one bottle of Red Hot that had mysteriously turned brown on the top and remained red on the bottom. It’s called decomposition, I think.

*My spell check told me that Loblaw’s was not a word and that I must have meant “Lobular”. LOBULAR, of course! Thank you, Spellcheck.


I finally received Minish Cap in the mail!

Upon looking at the envelope it came in, and noticing that it said “Hong Kong” I knew I was in for some trouble. I was right. It is a bootleg, OH NOES! I wouldn’t have minded terribly if I’d have been able to play it no problem, but the cartridge was a tight squeeze into my DS and the memory is simply a battery that once dead will erase my game.

I have many pictures of it, but so that this entry is not filled to the brim with pictures I will only show you this one. I have used the professional image editing abilities of Photoshop to draw perfect circles of red around the problem areas.

Here I am comparing the inside of my Superstar Saga to the pirated copy of Minish Cap. Notice the Nintendo copyright on the Superstar Saga. The battery in Zelda is evident and the foreign blue label a bit worrisome. I did notice that my perfectly legal Pokemon Emerald also had a battery, but apparently they were used in some games and not others Minish Cap not being one of them. I’ve also circled the code on the front of the Zelda cartridge. Why? Well, when I found out it was a bootleg a bunch of sites told me that I should contact Nintendo, and so I did. The first man I talk to told me as long as that code was on the label than it is legit. Really? You don’t think pirates in Hong Kong can print boxes, player guides and the labels themselves without being able to figure out how to put a certain number on it? Everything else pointed to piracy, but it was obvious this guy didn’t know what he was talking about. After a bit more research I called back, and this time got a very helpful lady who didn’t know the process, but admited it and found a form she needed to fill out — where I bought the item, if I thought I was getting a Nintendo product, etc. I also reported it to eBay and to Paypal and successfully got a refund *^_^*

I know this probably happens to people all the time and they just let it roll off of them, but I am not that person. I am a person who likes JUSTICE!


I’ve been trying to be good with money, but I took a trip to Cash Converters yesterday and that never ends well for my wallet. I found Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2 for a good price, and so I bought them. I had been researching what PS2 games were good, and they both seemed to get a great rating and were recommended for people who like Zelda! What I like most about it (though I haven’t started to play them yet) is that as opposed to turn based fighting you just walk up to the baddie and swing. No cut scenes, no epic music, just swing and death (for the monster hopefully, not yourself). I’ve been told that’s probably why I would not like the Final Fantasy series: too much turn based fighting.

Plus, not to judge a game by it’s cover, but look at it! It looks like just the right mix of awesome and adorable. What’s with game characters fighting with wrenches?

I’v also been playing Lego Star Wars a lot more, ad it has turned a bit more 3D. In any case I am in love with it.


My month of eating healthy is over! Last night I celebrated by going to Wendy’s, and you know what? It was pretty unpleasant. Nothing tasted as good as I remember. Maybe it was guilt, maybe it was because I looked it up and it was 880 calories, or maybe it just never tasted great. Even the fountain pop, which I loved, was sweet and almost unbearable. I don’t crave it anymore, so that’s good news. Now I’ll eat chips and stuff occasionally, but I think I will still generally stay away from fast food. I’m going to try to eat it once a week or less.

I still crave pizza. The first thing I ate on Monday was a slice. That is one food that’s not only good because of evil fast food chemicals. Pizza is genuinly DELICIOUS!

Anywhoo, I should get working on a shot list etc. for MIS. It’s coming up really fast, and we must be prepared for it.


P.S. I made this for my siggy on the Gamespot forums, and now I will put it here because it excites me:


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  1. greg2point0 said,

    Finally another person that can share my disgust at turn based fighting games!

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