Time and Relative Dimensions in Space.

April 21, 2008 at 1:24 pm (geeking out, munnie spending, technology)

I was a bit worried on Friday when I looked at the DHL Delivery Tracking site only to see that my package was in Winnipeg and “Available on payment by recipient”. Were they expecting me to drive to Winnipeg to get it? Do they not realize how far away that is? I sent a concerned email to Customer Services and they replied this morning with a “I’m [not really] terribly sorry to hear about this inconvenience. How about you call this number here *gives number* to talk to someone else rather than bother me?” sort of response.

Turns out I was just too anxious, anyways, because this morning came a knock on my door/a ring of my doorbell! I rolled out of bed at 10:30 wearing my man-pajamas (which are comfy as all sin) and treked upstairs. I hadn’t yet decided if I wanted to answer the door in this state. . . but after peeking out the window and seeing a man holding a box that read “Think Geek” my answer was a resounding YES followed by HELLO DELIVERY GUY! MAIL PLZKTHX! After scrambling around for $11.31 to pay him I finally have. . . DUN DUN DUN!

A TARDIS USB HUB!! I have included a video of me showing it off. It was shot on my cell phone which is sadly the only form of video camera I have. .  opposed to my actual digital camera which I forgot about until right now. Damn it all.


So cool! I will be obsessively plugging in USBs all day so don’t bother me! *^_^*

I wish it came with The Doctor and Martha! Mostly The Doctor, though, Martha could come and visit every so often if she so wished. 😛

AWW. Look at him! David Tennant should marry me!!1!one!! For those of you not in the Who-Know, he also happens to have played creepy Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. [/rabid fangirl]

Look at all this empty space. . . I shall fill it with the Doctor Who Theme:


Can you hear it in your brain bone?

Really, though, I have to go work on some MIS stuff. . . but this was a good start to the day. Cheers!



  1. greg2point0 said,

    Do they have any usb hubs for good shows? Possibly BSG, or Star Trek, ya know something that doesn’t suck?

    cool tardis though… despite where it’s from.

  2. Linake said,

    You watch your mouth, Gregory!

    They have everything else in a Star Trek version, they should have a USB hub. You know what? If they don’t you should buy a Star Trek toy (not the Enterprise you already have) and make it into one! That’d be awesome! The whole general making of a USB hub would be awesome. . . not Star Trek itself — it’s still super lame.

  3. greg2point0 said,

    Have you been too busy playing videogames or something? If you have been, come on I want some reviews!!! I really dig your videogame insights.

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