The first of many. I hope.

September 5, 2008 at 2:12 pm (geeking out, life, the intarwebz, vlog) (, , )

I’ve finished my first Vlog (video blog). I decided to record it on my Kodak, then transfer it to my Mac and use FCP6 to edit it. It seemed to work out well, though it took longer than expected. At least from now on I’ll have the title cards and lower thirds made already so it won’t take AS long.

Compressor was doing something weird at the end there where it went out of sync. It’s not like that in the timeline, but I couldn’t seem to fix it when I compressed it several times. Oh well, at least it’s at the end!

I just spent an hour sitting in front of the TV flipped to CNN waiting for Alex Albrecht’s interview. . . only to find out that it was on the livestream. Damn! Well, at least I got to hear about Sarah Palin for once. /sarcasm

The hilarious hosts of Diggnation.

The hilarious hosts of Diggnation.

Since I first started watching Diggnation a month and a bit ago I have been catching up by watching from the more current eps (Episode 165 being the newest) to the oldest (Episode 1). I’ve been steadily watching around 1 to 3 episodes per night, and am proud to announce that I am now on Episode 56. I’ve skipped the “Best of” eps for later, but I have still watched over 100 of them!

If for some reason you have not heard of/haven’t seen Diggnation but you like technology, the Intarwebs, Digg, to laugh and to drink then I highly suggest this podcast. Check out all 165 (soon to be 166 as of tonight) episodes here: All Diggnation Eps

Now that September has arrived the weather here has been frigid at best. It seems that the Earth thinks that summer is over for us, but it should at least have some pity since we didn’t really start summer until mid-July. We had nice 29 degree weather last week, and then as soon as September came around it immediately turned to rainy or cloudy 12 – 19 degree days. Let’s hope it’s just a phase and we get at least one more week of nice weather before the leaves start changing and Autumn makes its not-so-eagerly-anticipated (by me) return.



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  1. Heath said,

    I’m thinking of you…but not in a weird way…lol
    Man that ice is crazy! I’m glad it doesn’t get that cold here. In the height of winter there will be a thin layer of ice on the front and back windows of my car, but the squirters and wipers get rid of it pretty quickly =)

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