The Force is as strong as a small pony.

April 5, 2008 at 2:41 pm (gaming, geeking out, munnie spending)

This new site layout is sort of strange. It seems like a step backwards from where WordPress was before, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Perhaps it’s just a temporary thing and they’re making larger changes? We’ll have to wait to find out.

So the other day I went to the Secret EB Games for the first time just to waste half an hour (though it’s been open for probably a year or so now), and man that place is HUGE compared to the EB Games in the mall! Through my feminine wiles (see: none) I managed to obtain a free Phantom Hourglass poster. I went in with the intention of not buying anything, or if ANYTHING I was going to buy Professor Layton and the Curious Village. . . but somehow ended up with Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga for DS.

I’m excited for it, because the first game I ever bought for my DS (save from Brain Age 2, which isn’t really a “game” per se) was Lego Star Wars II. I played it regularly for a few days when something went horrible wrong, and every level became glitchy beyond playability. I’ve checked on Gamespot (my new web obsession site) and it’s a problem every cartridge had. Futureshop let me bring the game back after a week, no questions asked, but how could a game even be released with that many glitches? Especially a game like Lego Star Wars which is moderately popular on all systems and by all ages? I’ve noticed the price has dropped a lot, maybe to get them off the shelves, but I feel bad for kids who get that game and don’t reach the glitches until it’s too late to return them. . . there is no way to complete the story mode in that version.

Luckily for myself and everyone else who bought LSWII, LSW:tCS has all of the levels that LSWII had, plus the levels from Lego Star Wars I and the original engine has been scrapped in favour of a new one, which also allows the touchscreen to be used. You can tell this version was made just for the DS. So far it seems mostly side scrolling — there is a fourth wall that you can never see — though it still has depth so you can move on the X, Y and Z axis’, the camera is just relatively fixed and only moves up and down with you. LSWII was a 3D world with no fourth wall, so we’ll see if in the later levels it goes back to that format.

Even though I am enjoying the game thus far, it makes me feel a little bit ripped off in a way, because if it’s all platformy then it’s doing that same thing that The Simpsons Game did. The DS is perfectly capable of handling 3D landscapes (it does it all the time with RPGs) and yet developers seem to think that even if they make the game 3D for other systems, the DS version must be a platformer. On every other system The Simpsons was an awesome 3D adventure! However, on the DS it had absolutely no depth and was therefore very easy, as well as linear both literally and in it’s objectives. Objects were never hiding behind something, or beside you. . . they were always just in front of or behind you. So HOPEFULLY Lego Star Wars is more 3D in the levels to come. . . though I’ll still love it.

Getting away from Lego Star Wars for a bit, but not away from gaming: I challenged myself to finish most of my games before I treated myself to another. So, for the better part of the past few days I have been slaving away (happily) finishing games that would have otherwise sat on my shelf for months to come.

First was Super Mario 64 DS, though I only managed to get 91/150 stars. I beat Bowser and to me that counts as finishing the game. Plus, it’s a really fun game so I know I’ll go back to it and try to get more stars when I’m bored.

Next on my plate was Chocobo Tales. This is a great little game with elements of RPG, mini-games and trading card battles. It’s also in 3D, the graphics are beautiful for the DS, and the controls are simple and intuitive — so Lucas Arts take note. The battles were the most difficult to pick-up again, but I remembered pretty quickly what to do and after 6 hours more of playing it is also complete!

Let’s see, after that I remembered that I was on Bowser in Super Princess Peach, so I went back and had him beat within the half-hour. I left it alone for awhile months ago because he was frustrating me, so I guess all it needed was time.

Finally, I picked up Mario Party DS and FINISHED story mode! Finally!! Bowser took a few frustrating tries to beat, but luckily (because I cheated and turned the game off when something didn’t go my way) I didn’t have to play any of the boards twice. Wario was kicking my butt on the last board, but I showed him! GO YOSHI!

I have beaten Bowser to a pulp 3 times in as many days!

Anywhoo, only after those games were completed, and ONLY THEN was I allowed to start a new one.

This has been long and game filled, so I will stop it there. Nothing much has been happening except for DSing, my Boston Legal Season 2 DVD arriving, location scouting for MIS and me learning French with the help of My French Coach (once again for DS). ALSO I am only TWO more days away from being able to eat a slice of pizza or some tacos. . . I’m pining for them, as well as for the fjords.

Cheers! . . . now where has the bloody Spellcheck tool gone?


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Goodnight, sweet Mario.

April 1, 2008 at 12:58 am (life, technology)

My DS has officially died and gone to DS heaven.

I was playing Super Mario 64 on it tonight, got up to get a drink,  and for some stupid reason I put it down on the chair. When I came back I guess I assumed it was on the table and plopped myself on the chair. . . and onto my open DS. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have money to buy a new one right now. . . why can’t I just remember where I put things and not be so idiotic?

The game was unharmed, but the top screen was cracked and I guess my big bum bent the hinges because even the case is a bit cracked where it went back too far. Do you think there is a warranty for that?

I guess I should go to bed, because it’s officially April 1st and I have to get in the right mind set. That’s right. April Fools. My DS is alive and well, for now. I may have jinxed it.


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When you Rock & Roll with me. . .

March 27, 2008 at 10:47 pm (life, technology)

It looks like it might be a bit awkward to play, but I would still really love to try it out. I present to you: Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS.

The actual game cartridge seems to be attached to the keypad, and the video promoting it is so lame that I won’t even post or link to it. . . but still, I am intrigued. My friends and I were wondering how they’d bring Guitar  Hero to the DS — would the DS system plug into a normal GH sized guitar? Will there be a special stand for it? But no, just this odd little addition to the side of your system. Attached to the keypad is a pick that you can pull out and use as the stylus to strum, as opposed to using a normal stylus which is significantly less Rock & Roll.

In other news, I am very happy to announce that I was officially offered the position of Director for Make It Short 2009. I’d written a script, Lee liked it and voila! I was only up against 3 other scripts. . . but I try to keep that part of the story quite. Except for right now when I published it on my [not-so-]very-regularly-read blog. . . hem. We have a lot of work ahead of us, especially since this film revolves around kids, but I am super excited about it. Also, I may get to actually speak to David Cronenberg on the phone, as he is one of the producers. Pretty neato indeed.

I bought delicious groceries today, so off  I go to grab a few bites. Cheers!

Okay fine, I’ll link to the video: Guitar Hero: On Tour! Please keep in mind that I warned you about the excessive lame-itude!

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GBA overload.

March 27, 2008 at 12:47 pm (munnie spending)

Well, I caved and bought the copy of Superstar Saga that was at EB Games. It was $20, but after playing it for five hours now I can tell you honestly that it was 100% worth it. Besides, with shipping and handling the other ones on the net would be the same amount, AND I’d have to wait for them. No thank you.

Also, I won Minish Cap! It’s sort of bittersweet because Greg offered me his copy for free after I bid on the eBay version. . . but at least this way I only pay $17 for the game, box and manual and then I don’t have to steal it from Gregory!

I am officially going to stop buying stuff off the Internet as of now. For awhile, at least.


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Dynamic Duos.

March 25, 2008 at 3:25 pm (geeking out, munnie spending)

I’ve begun to buy my new summer wardrobe! With my shopping habits I’ll likely live in the same T-Shirts throughout next winter, but at least they will be newer ones *^_^*. With the help of Lindsay (not me) I have found a nice suit, a work-out outfit and three nice thin colourful summer shirts. Shopping used to make me want to entean eternal slumber — but for whatever reason lately I’ve been 110% up for it. Perhaps even spending TOO much money. I think it’s because I KNOW I need new clothes. . . and I’m always in need of games.

I’ve also been shopping on Amazon a bit, buying Season 2 of Boston Legal ($37 with shipping from Amazon, but $80 at Future Shop?), a game to help me speak French on my DS, and Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenl. I bought R&C: Going Commando last week and it is absolutely amazing. It’s just so fun to play. Yep, I’m buying PS2 games, what’s it to you?

I also tried to buy Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga but then Amazon refunded my munnies with the only reason being “Could not send.” Everywhere only sells the cartridge and not the whole box and everything. . . It’s a GBA game so it’s a bit harder to find in stores, but what really gets me is that I saw it in to stores before Christmas, put off buying it and then it was gone! I’ve seen the cartidge-only at EB, so I may stop by later today to see if it’s still there.

The game is basically Mario RPG 2, so if you liked Mario RPG (I know some of you do!) you’d love Superstar Saga and Partners in Time (which I have for the DS).

I’m even bidding on Minish Cap from eBay, but the person I am bidding against really wants it. Currently the bid is at $15 (with the box and manual included) so we’ll see. I need to stop spending my munnies.

Off to my last class of WSD with my new workout suit. Cheers!

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I was born a traveling [wo]man.

March 21, 2008 at 3:55 pm (the intarwebz)

I found this to be most entertaining an true.

My life used to be exactly like this (though I never walked around the world.) Now it’s mostly replaced by “This’ll make for great photos on Facebook!”.

See more comics at xkcd. I admit I no longer understand the math ones, having not taken math since Grade 10, but it’s nice to pretend.


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The Great Flood.

March 21, 2008 at 12:26 am (life, munnie spending)

I spent the night out on St. Patty’s, and needless to say I wasn’t feeling 100% when I went home the next day. I had planned on having a bit of a nap to be rested up for Self Defense that night, maybe get a bit of exercise in, but that all changed when I reached the top of my stairs.

From upstairs I could see a puddle of water on the floor of the laundry room. It was only around the drain, so I assumed that it had backed up with all of the snow that has been melting outside. I HOPED it was that, and I really wasn’t expecting the reality when I turned the corner.

That door you see leads to a set of stairs that lead to ground level. Every winter we cover that stairway with a large wooden slab to stop the snow from collecting in it. Every winter but this one, when we got more snow than the last few winters combined. My mom knew it was going to happen, she warned me to shovel out the stairway before it started to melt, but I underestimated water accumulation and how — much like and octopus — it can go anywhere due to its lack of skeleton.

As you can see, it only used my room as a path on its way to the drain in the laundry room, but it still left my carpet sopping wet (including an actual puddle by the door itself.) So instead of napping in my soggy room, I went out to tackle the snow-blob. It’s probably not at all surprising if you know me, but I didn’t last long. It was a monstrous layered lump made up of heavy snow, ice, and then more than 5 cm of water happily insulated by the layers above so it could melt more.

Luckily it just seemed to miss my computer set up (including my powerbar), my TV and my bookcase. That night while I was defending myself in class my parents sucked up all the water with the Rug Doctor, which sounds completely awesome, and moved all of my furniture so the carpet underneath could dry. I was able to sleep in my own bed that night, and the next evening I very slowly and heavily moved all of my furniture back.

At least it gave me a chance to clean up the clutter in my room! Also, like my friend Mr. Feduniw said: At least it wasn’t a sewage flood. Thank multiple heavens for then!

In other news, I found Boston Legal and Dexter TV DVDs on sale at Future Shop and promptly bought them both. I have seen most of the Boston Legal, but seeing as I finished Dead Like Me this afternoon (woe.) I can start watching Dexter. I’ve also decided that even when Blu-Ray is inevitably the only format you can buy TV shows on, I will still call them TV DVDs. It’s at least 15x more fun than calling them TV on Blu-Ray. It’s almost too bad that it won’t be TV HD DVD. Or HD TV HD DVD! Damn, we just missed out on some seriously good times with that! Curse you, Blu-Ray!* I will not buy your players until it is necessary to do so!

Anywhoo, I need to get back to writing. Cheers!

*I’m sorry Blu-Ray, I love you.

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Brush, then use Listerine.

March 15, 2008 at 6:05 pm (life, munnie spending)

Munnies + New Shopper’s Drug Mart = Buying unnecessary items.

Last night I ventured with Mr. and Mrs. Landon to the new Shopper’s location (across the parking lot from their old location). Inside was a consumers wonderland of useless products that SEEM useful at the time of purchase! I had never been more tempted to place zinc tablets, super electronic toothbrushes and travel sized Axe in the brand-spanking-new shopping basket. Why would I ever need Axe? 1. It’s for men. 2. It’s not exactly irresistible.

I only ended up buying Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm, some toothpaste on sale and Listerine. . . I held back — and like most times you just buy any item, no matter how redundant, I was eager to use them! Last night before bed I ignored the quarter full tube of toothpaste on my bathroom counter and spun open my brand new Sensodyne. “There is no way I can wait to use this! I need to treat my sensitive teeth RIGHT NOW!” Plus, it had “Whitening” powers, though any brand could say that. . . I’d never really compare before and after.

Cool Mint Listerine

Ahh, my mouth was minty fresh. But not minty fresh enough!! I needed something extreme. Something so outrageously fresh that it hurt. I needed something I would immediately regret pouring into my mouth. I would not rest until I experienced a feeling similar to that of attempting to ingest battery acid. I needed Listerine. The line on the cap was not visible in the dim light of my bathroom, so I guesstimated, and I’m not very good at guesstimating. . . it burned, yet the instructions told me that I would not kill all of the evil gingivitis and tartar bacteria men until I had sloshed the radioactive liquid from cheek to cheek for 30 seconds. It seemed like a lifetime, and I’m sure I didn’t even reach the 30 second mark, but I felt fresh enough. Now I could finally sleep soundly knowing that my mouth was safe for another 12 hours.

This morning I tried again, with half the amount of Listerine, and it was much better. At least it doesn’t turn my teeth brown.

Off to a shag party tonight. That sounds inappropriate. . . Cheers!

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Do you know the Carpet Man?

March 14, 2008 at 4:02 pm (life)

 Mr. John the carpet layer stopped by this morning to finally carpet my room at camp!  I’ve been living with a few old pieces of carpet and rug on the cement of my basement for the past few summers, and finally this time around I will have beautiful (and warm) carpeting.  I’ll have pictures of it as soon as I get back home on Monday!  My mom and I have just finished  moving the furniture back in, which brings it all together nicely.  Now all that’s needed is a proper door, the door trim and base boards and it’ll be complete!  It’s been a long time coming, but I’m thankful.  My parents have been working really hard on this place.

Greg has already bought his Video Games Live tickets, so I guess I should probably get on that as soon as I can!  It’s just an event that can’t be missed, because who knows when it’ll be touring again?

I got paid today, which means I can finally pay off my iPod and all the rest of the things I’ve been irresponsibly charging to my Visa, knowing that I’d have this money coming.  Woot!  I still have quite a few gigs yet to be paid for, so my bank account will be feeling a lot less stressed over the next week or so methinks.  That’s good because I need to save up forVGL in Winnipeg, then Quebec, camping, rent I’ll start to pay to live at home this June and car insurance.  Growing up is so hard 😛

I’m off to pick up my munnies then to the bank after super, so cheers!

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Nerds shaped like snowmen.

March 13, 2008 at 12:59 am (life)

I was munching on one of my 200g boxes of Nerds (the tiny, tangy, crunchy candy) last night when I came across one particular little guy who was shaped like a snowman. I had already popped him into my mouth before I realized this, and promptly spit him out again and placed him on his rectangular home to dry. There he sits, the lone survivor of a village once populated by seven ounces of Nerds. He has been knighted as my new computer desk mascot — Sir Snowman-Shaped Nerd. He’s yellow anyways, and I’m sure you know the precautions when tempted to eat yellow snow. Don’t.

That paragraph was a little gross, and I apologize.

Today was a sort of turning point in my life, as I have promised myself to live healthier. Since I have had access to a car I have eaten fast food at least twice a week or more, and because I’ve stopped growing it has to stop. . . it’s beginning to show. If not to everyone else then to me. Not in an annoying “I’m so fat!!” way when the person is actually comparable to a twig, but I actually have stretch marks on my thighs now. I’m more that part of the tree where the trunk branches out into two slightly-smaller-than-the-trunk-but-still-larger-than-twigs branches. My friends think I am thin, but I do my best to wear non-clingy shirts to hide the fact that my belly is actually getting quite large. I’d like to wear nice girlie shirts every once in awhile! Not to put myself down, I’m still very happy, I just need to be a bit more toned and less. . . blergh. Not even just that, but I have been lacking in energy lately which has to be a combination of my diet and the lack of sleep. 8 hours per night at least, that’s another thing I need to work on.

It pains my heart to say it, though likely not as much as not saying it would: starting this morning I’m off of fast food (such as Wendy’s, Taco Time, McDonald’s) and trying to make my own food at home before I go out for the day. I’ve been especially bad lately since I am never home for supper. So, from now on if I am stuck out I will eat at Pita Pit, have Subway or a salad somewhere. Although, Biggest Loser told me today that it’s good to give yourself treat days every week so your body doesn’t get too used to healthy stuff and not digest as quickly, so maybe every once in awhile I’ll have a snack. Not every week, but perhaps every two. I seems like you only crave fast food when you eat it a lot (or when you’re drunk), so if I go off of it I will not crave it near as much. Every day I will allow myself to have a little something, too, but that will probably always be cheese *^_^*

I got really excited about it today, because I bought new shoes so that I no longer feel like a fool for wearing Chuck’s to Self Defense, and I will be able to walk further, hike up Mount McKay, and generally exercise in them. Anywhoo, it’s one step at a time and I’ve never really been on a diet before, so it’ll be an adventure. Luckily my best friends eat healthy, too, so I will have good support. I’m even trying to stay away from Pepsi when I can, which is tough since I love the stuff. I really want to feel comfortable in my bathing suits this year, which I haven’t been able to do for awhile. Not that I wear bikinis, but I’ve tried to avoid bathing suits when I could for the last little while. Besides, having my pants fit nicely and my new coat not show my belly will be a bonus!

Enough about that boring stuff — I love pockets!! After shopping today I have a bag (NOT a purse, thank you very much) in which I can carry everything I need! It has so many little slots, pockets and zipped up-spaces it’s ridiculous. I’ll have to buy more gadgets to fill it with at this rate. So far I have my iPod, my change, my wallet, my DS, a few of it’s games and my cell phone all in separate little slots. The main pocket just has the water bottle I bought today, and my gloves. I could still easily fit 2 or 3 books in there! My whole life will be in this bag, so I had better not leave it somewhere/you who are reading this better not take it from me or will find and inverted-front-kick you. I’m sure pockets are much less boring to read about than diets! </sarcasm>

Off to watch more Dead Like Me then try to get my 8 hours in. Cheers! Sorry for this entry being so me-based, but it’s my blog! Deal with it. (Sorry for being rude.)

Sorry for apologizing all the time.

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