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So a few friends and I bought tickets to Video Games Live months ago, and the day finally came this past Thursday! The few who didn’t already live in Winnipeg drove there for the event, and was it ever worth it. Three of us didn’t make any coolio costumes, but look at the ones Xal made for her and her buddy Laura! They are Moogles, of course, and all night long people were asking them excitedly to have their pictures taken with them. They’ll even be in a Youtube video starring all of the in-costume attendees, rumour has it! KUPO!

You may also notice the drinks in this picture. . . that bartender really knew how to make a delicious Rum & Coke!


I call this picture “1337 |\|3rD5!!!!1!

The audience was made up of a lot of stereotypical nerdlingers, which is perfectly alright! What else do you expect at a video game concert? All of us who went are a bit on the nerdy side. I had just never seen that many in one place before, so it made for an interesting atmosphere. Everyone was having a blast though, and that’s all that really mattered. Looking at this picture you can probably notice that the male:female ratio is a bit off. Female gamers FTW! Hey look, it’s Master Chief! That guy ended up winning the costume contest.


Here are more dressed up people. The pink girl, who is someone from some Dreamcast game (Jeremy told me this, I had no clue) was getting super into it, but in a way that was annoying. That’s all I have to say about her: she was annoying.

There are also people I don’t know up until Cloud, then more people, then LINK! And MARIO! Not pictured is a guy dressed in a cardboard box painted like the Companion Cube from Portal. It was shoddy, but oh so wonderful at the same time. I think next time I go I’ll have to dress up. I really liked my Chocobo idea. . . too bad I can’t sew.

And now for the videos! These are ones I found that are actually from the Winnipeg show!

This is the music from Kingdom Hearts. Square Enix wouldn’t let them use in-game footage, so they cut together Disney clips of all of the characters that appear in the game *^_^* You can hear me woot at the first glimpse of The Lion King — the person who took this video was sitting probably a row or two in front of me because that was pretty much our view of the stage. Thanks, light stand!

This is World of Warcraft, for those of you who play it. I have to say, the music is great! I thought since my other two examples are Square and therefore have no video game footage I should add one that does. . . and I also wanted one that incorporated the choir, whom were spectaculant.

Then, of course, there was the first encore: One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII! I really only know the song because we used it in a play in Grade 11. . . but still, it is a good song.

Watch for the bass/cello(?) players headbanging in the middle of the song. It was wonderful. You could tell that the orchestra was loving all of the feedback they got from the audience — it must be a bit out of the ordinary considering the audience they’d usually play shows for is a bit older and likely less responsive to orchestrated music.

In the end it was a fantastic show, and apparently they have 50 songs and only play about 20 per show so I would love to go again to see what’s new. It was all a bit overwhelming, to be honest. . . the music really gets to you, especially when there is a live choir singing, and it can get emotional

It should be mentioned that in every town that VGL goes to the orchestra from that town is the one who plays in the concert. I assume they are given the music well before-hand to be ready for when the Video Games Live people arrive. It makes sense, since touring an entire orchestra around the world would take bus-loads more equipment and people. . . Playing our show was the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, as well as the choir who’s name I sadly can’t remember. All locals from Winnipeg, and all very talented individuals.

We also got the special treat of the Blindfolded Video Games Pianist playing Final Fantasy music! Here, I’ll find a video for that, too:

He obviously was not blindfolded here, but still. Beautiful. Yes, he was actually on the stage, but the feed was also going to the screen.


The area in which Greg and Xal both have apartments is called ‘Osborne Village’ and it’s beautiful. I can see why I thought the city was ugly in the winter: all of the trees are deciduous thus making for no greenery come November. But, in the summer it’s a wonderful place. Everything you’d ever need was within walking distance, and even walking into the city itself didn’t seem that far because there is always stuff to see. The first night we had amazing nachos at a place literally across the lane from Xal’s called Carlo’s & Murphey’s (a strange Mexican/Irish Pub), and last night Greg showed me this amazing movie rental place called Movie Village where you can basically find any movie you have looked for in Thunder Bay but have never found. I found two Ewan movies I’ve been dieing to see, but I could never watch 2 movies in one night AND wouldn’t make Greg watch 2 Ewan movies so he rented Lady in the Water and we watched that. Rather, he watched it and I watched half before falling asleep.

Driving is crap there, no matter what season it is.

We’ve decided that Thunder Bay very much needs an area like Osborne Village and a place like The Forks. The little shops and restaurants there were spectacular, and I even got The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales! I read the first one (The Frog Prince) aloud to Greg and Jeremy one morning. . . those Grimm brothers don’t really know proper story structure. In any case, I’m excited to read more. There are at least 100 fairy tales in the book. Coolio!


Anywhoo, I thought I’d be stuck in Winnipeg for a few extra days, but it turns out today was a perfect driving day so away I went! I left at noon Winnipeg time, and I have to saw that it was a pretty nice drive. It was sunny, but the car wasn’t too hot. I only stopped once for gas (at a Full Service station which freaked me out) and then once for Timmie’s in Dryden to buy a Large 2/2 and 20 honey crueler Timbits!!

I know a lot of you drive to Winnipeg a lot, so I will ask you this: Have you ever grown sort of attached to certain vehicles whilst driving? What I mean is — have you ever been in a small convoy of two or more vehicles, and you get to a passing lane and all pass one super slow transport at the same time, and you sort of feel like giving everyone a high-five? The you drive in a line for awhile (maybe playing leap frog a bit). If you are driving alone, or perhaps even if you are with someone, you begin to talk to this vehicle as though not only the driver but also the vehicle itself can hear you. “Go ahead, you can pass me! I know I will only catch up again.” or “Oh no, white truck, you have a terrible case of rust. Poor thing.” Then, suddenly you look in your rear-view mirror and the white truck has turned off onto a side road and for a moment your heart sinks like you’ve lost a close friend. . . You soon gain other relationships with other vehicles during the eight hour drive, but you never forget that one white truck that you drove along with for two hours. I’m sure it happens on all long drives, maybe just to insane people. . . but it happened to me on the way to and from Winnipeg. Today it was a silver car from Saskatchewan and a white transport. They both left me 😦


Oddly enough, I saw no deer either way on this trip. I saw rabbits in Winnipeg, red-winged black birds, a wild turkey on the way home today, and the scariest: a wolf! At first I thought it must have been a statue because it was standing at the edge of the woods alone and regal. Then I kept an eye on it as it did the same to me, following me with it’s soul-piercing gaze until I finally was able to break eye-contact with it — it helped that if I didn’t look away I’d have veered into oncoming traffic. I have never seen a wild wolf before, and I guess part of me always thought that it would look like a friendly Husky, with it’s tongue sticking out and most likely two different coloured eyes. No, my friends, wolves do not look like Huskies. They are larger, their eyes can be defined simply as ‘devilish’ and they only stick out their tongues to wipe your blood from their jowls. I was shaken for about a minute after seeing it, and I was in a car driving 100km/h down the highway! I was driving a Kia, mind you, so I’m sure if the wolf wanted to it could have opened that thing like a tin can full of Lindsay flavoured sardines. He’d probably just eaten a moose or something.


Anywhoo, woot for updating! When I returned home my dad told me that e TBayTel guy came out and fixed our Internet so it’s normal speed now! Apparently I was using the wrong AV adaptor for the modem and fried it, so that explains a lot. That’s not all that happened since last time I updated, but deal with that however you can. I’m not updating about every day since then.



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